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Before a phrases an individual, he orders the office to organize a report on the offender with information regarding sentencing, named a report or a probation report. After he says the recommendation of the officer and the document, he makes one last determination regarding sentencing. Procedure The judge requests the probation report to become written instructions and by the probation officer the defendant to contact the probation office for a statement. The probation officer interviews the opposition. She investigates background information, including material obtained from serious parties, the defendant and victims. She then transmits the are accountable to the judge. Three to five weeks are taken from by this method. Contents The probation report includes elements that are pertinent to the opposition’s sentencing.

In florida, trials generally last 10 – 20 times, and also this may come in practical.

These include info from the police statement, prison record, the offender’s record and victim and interested party phrases. Furthermore, the document may include info on the opposition’s upbringing, schooling, work background, substanceabuse troubles and existing family circumstance. Finally, a sentencing advice is included by the officer. Sentencing Factors Elements that were sentencing could be divided in to two communities– aggravating. Sentences can expand; factors that are mitigating can reduce sentences. Some of these facets range from the situations surrounding today’s offense, the defendant’s need for treatment of any form, the defendant’s era, legal history and willingness to be involved in probation. The judge likewise considers prey statements as well as justice’s needs.

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